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Destiny - Rise of the ten kingdoms

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About Destiny 

Your favorite NFT Trading Card Game

We present you the first full-art style images from our Trading Card Game "Destiny - Rise of the ten kingdoms". The 1ST Edition will focus on the story of the ten kings and will take a deep dive into the lore. Learn more about the world around "Eternity". Step by step more content and game play previews will be released on our homepage and developer board.

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*art design examples from art designer we cooperate. 

Our Game

Destiny is set in the world of Edya. Dive into an epic battle between ten great kingdoms. Fight for honor and glory and choose your kingdom Collect ultra-rare NFTS, or take them to battle, whatever suits your desires. Buy and sell these collectibles on our in-game marketplace.

Store your unopened packs to sell them later on our marketplace or rip them straight away.

The theoretical chance to receive from a 1St Edition booster an 1/1 unique super rar gold fox badge card is 1 out of 1603 packs.

The 1ST Edition Booster Packs costs 2500 $FXG coins. (Total amount will be fixed on BUSD)

Earned $FXG providing new liquidity on DEX.  Also, we will use them to develop more content. 

Our own marketplace "FOXCHANGE" will be the secondary market to buy, sell or trade your NFT Trading-Cards.

  • 120 different cards

  • 160,330 minted NFTS

  • 10 unique 1/1 king cards

  • 16,033 booster packs

FoxGaming is more than just a trading card game. The Destiny universe will be used for other games in the future. Anything is possible.


Each trading card is limited to a total of 1337 prints. Every rareness tier has its own art style while the abilities of the card remain the same. The last tier "1/1" is only available for the ten main character cards.

Q1 2022

  • Artwork Briefing
  • Artwork Design

  • Preview Artworks

Q2 2022

  • Game Rules
  • Printable Alpha Version Test

  • Booster Pack Sale

Q3 2022

  • Game Development
  • Second Edition 

  • Lore 

Q4 2022

  • Third Edition
  • TBA
Game Development Roadmap